Ayurveda : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (part-1)

Ayurveda : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (part-1)

इति  स्माहुरात्रेयादयो महर्षयः|

Approx. 7000 years back, with very early development of human colonies, in Indian societies, ayurveda was a science which was more practised as routine health science rather than a complete curative science. In the social, political and religious practices people by their nature of dealing practiced ayurveda medicine. They developed a more preventive expect than curative.

The early Indian society, developed a very scientific approach to health principles by comparing the macrosm – the nature to the microsm – the body. For example, the movement by wind or air in nature, made them guess similar entity termed vata dosha, which is in continous movement in the body. The transformation like growing of a petal into flower made them guess similar entity which is transforming the body continously, termed as Pitta dosha. This type of perception based science – Sri tattva gyan, made a deep influence even on the actions of the people. And because of these daily healthy practices, the society, was in less in need of specific ayurveda clinics or hospitals or ayurveda shops.

Even till last, few hundred years the practices were so deeply accustomised in the society, while the teaching part was in guru-sishya parampara, that the kings or the administrators never felt a need of specific courses to produce labelled ayurveda doctors. Before they were known as vaidya. But lately, because of fast, irregular, and unquestioned or unintrospected lifestyle, people started leaving up the high standards set by the ayurveda lifestyle – Dincharya. Also, during the british rule for 100 years there was pure colonisation of education and it purpousefully led to end of guru-shishya parampara. Left out with no choice, ayurvedacharya, ayurprancharya and other short term courses, panchkarma courses came to existance. so, came to existance a bachelor degree graduation course of 5.5years and 4yrs of post graduation course in ayurveda. (I have also passed out the same Ayurveda course fo 9.5years)

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