Ganesha, a research concept Ayurveda

Ganesha, a research concept Ayurveda

There are two very vivid aspects of classical Indian text – first is symbolization and second is abbreviation. If we look through any classical text, as the seers were very well versed, so the more is the knowledge, he would prefer to express in as less as possible. Our ancient Rishis were so deeply intelligent that they chose to express in terms of symbols rather than words. Its because words may change over time, but symbols remain unchanged.

Ganesha – esha or lord of Gan – group. Here, there are two symbolization – first group symbolizes as a group of people, atoms etc., secondly in subtle form it symbolizes the 24 elements of prakriti. So the one is the lord or master of this elements is ego, Ahankara, or the feeling of I.

On macro level, that is a physical body, the son of lord shiva (the adi purusha) and devi parvati (the adi prakriti), is ganesha. In puranas, it is described at Adi prakriti, made the body of Ganesha from her sweat or dirt. This symbolizes that when rajas, as manas dosha has increased, there is evolution of a intellect – buddhi, which is more comprehensive, by nature.

Also, there are few famous names by which ganesha is known like Sumukha, Ekadanta, Kapila, Gajakarna, Lambodara, Vikath, Vidhnanashaka, Vinayaka, Dhumraketu, Ganadhayaksha, Bhalchandra and Gajanana and they symbolise different qualities of the same intellect.

Ganesha is truly charming and mesmerizing. His body parts also symbolize many different responses of intellect:

a) Eyes of Ganesha:

small eyes says to look beyond the seen. to be more focused and detailed in our vision of intellect.

b) Ears of Ganesha:

large ears says to hear more, alertly. to let the maximum sensory input feed in, and then analyze the information.

c) Mouth of Ganesha:

small mouth, says to utter as few words as we can. 

d) Stomach of Ganesha:

large abdomen (lambodara) symbolizes collection of information, processing and analysing the collected information. 

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