Katigraha in Ayurveda (Back Pain)

Katigraha in Ayurveda (Back Pain)

तत्र पक्वाशये क्रुद्धःशूलानाहान्त्रकूजनम् |

मलरोधाश्मवर्ध्मार्शस्त्रिकपृष्ठकटीग्रहम् ||

Vitiated vata is located in colon causes gurgling, colicky pain, tympanites, difficulty in defecation and urination, flatulence and lumbar/ sacroiliac pain.

Vata Vitation by its causative factors like – 

वायोर्धातुक्षयात् कोपो मार्गस्यावरणेन च (वा) |
वातपित्तकफा देहे सर्वस्रोतोऽनुसारिणः || वायुरेव हि सूक्ष्मत्वाद्द्वयोस्तत्राप्युदीरणः|

The provocation of vata is either due to Dhatukshaya, Margavarana.

when vatadosha, is vitiated in pakwaashaya (place of storage of digested food) then there is loss of function of kati – or pelvis, means stiffness of pelvis, backpain, numbness of lower limbs. this symptoms corelate to disorders seen in pelvis region like Lumbarspondylitis
/ lumbarspondylosis / lumbarstenosis.
such a condition can be managed by :
क्रियामतः परं सिद्धां वातरोगापहां शृणु |
केवलं निरुपस्तम्भमादौ स्नेहैरुपाचरेत् ||
It means that keval vataddosha – vata not vitiated and not avrita, with other dosha can be snehanamoleationtherapy .
Dr Chirag Goradia
MD Ayurveda
Joint Care Expert

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