why and when does joint pain increase?

why and when does joint pain increase?

Sandhi Shool, Joint pain, arthritis, knee pain

शीतरूक्षलघुविशदश्रमोपवासातिकर्शनक्षपणादिभिर्वायुः |

प्रकुपितस्त्वङ्मांसशोणितादीन्यभिभूय शोफं जनयति ||

Vata gets vitiated due to excess intake of sheeta (cold things), ruksha (rough or low calorie), laghu (very light), vishada (non-slimy substance) diets, shrama (excessive exertion), upavasa (excessive fasting), ati-karshan (emaciation), and kshapana (wasting). This vitiated vata gets into and stays within twak (skin), mamsa dhatu(muscle tissue), along with rakta dhatu (blood) and produces shotha, i.e., swelling or inflammation or sandhi shool (particularly knee pain)

Today we frequent hear doctors saying that there is no relation between your food and your joint pain. But that’s again their negligence to the truth. The truth is – FOOD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE CHANGES IN THE BODY AND EVEN JOINT PAIN HAS DEEP STANDING REALTION WITH FOOD.

Acharya Charak has clearly mentioned that any inflammatory response in the body, is mediated by certain food on high basis, while other on low. This inflammation is responsible for heat (calor), pain (dolor), redness (rubor), and swelling (tumor) and loss of function. Acharya Shushruta has also mentioned vidahi (spicy) food responsible in vidradhi (infective abscess).


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