PCOS In Ayurveda

PCOS In Ayurveda

वृथा पुष्पं तू या नारी यथा कालं प्रपश्यति

स्थुललोमशगगण्ड वा पुष्पघ्नी सापि रेवती

It is said that 37% of world female population suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) or PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian disease). This are inflammatory condition.
Lately, in ayurvedic literature, we find a nearby condition in kashyap samhita. this condition is said as developed by aggravated vatakaphaj dosha. Here vata is said to be aggravated margavrodha by kahpadosha. and the result is rajstrav sangrah (Oligomenorrhea). Certain female health restorative drugs are prescribed in bhrihtrayee or laghutrayee which help in restroring the normal blood flow of uterus, clean the channels of uterus, restore the linning of uterus, reduce the fat from lower pelvis, restore normal ovarian blood flow, thereby balance hormones like progestrone and estrogen
Dr Chirag Goradia
MD Ayurveda

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