Importance of Rishi Panchami

Importance of Rishi Panchami

कश्यपोत्रिभर्द्वाजो विश्वमित्रोथ गौतम जमदग्निर्वसिष्ठश्च सप्तैते ऋषयः स्मृताः॥ दहन्तु पापं सर्व गृह्नन्त्वर्ध्यं नमो नमः’॥

Oh ! the seven rishis – Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadwaja, Vishwamitra, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vasistha, please accept my offering & lead me sinless.

Knowledge has always been integral part of our existence. Two things are only very sure in anyone’s existence – vis – our existence itself and knowledge about it. #Satyadharma always have made a point to celebrate this. The #Adiyogi – Lord Shiva and the Humans who existed without doubt with him and carried away his knowledge to the #mrityaloka – Earth, are the very first of #saptarishis. After a severe penance there were able to do this. This is celebrate as Rishi panchami.

The above shloka carries the offering to the seven rishis, who spent all their lifetime in realizing this truth and then spreading it in the form of satyadharama.

Dr Chirag Goradia

MD Ayurveda

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