The World’s Best Teacher

The World’s Best Teacher

।।गुरु कृपा ही केवलम।।

Happy Teacher’s Day

Today is teacher’s day celebrated as Dr S Radhakrishnan birthday, who was the first prime minister and the second president of republic of India.

Teacher is who teaches. Teaches meaning imparts knowledge or shares information or becomes a cause to learn or understand a objective knowledge. So, the one from whom you learn any small thing is a teacher for you. As, maharaja shivaji maharaj learnt from a ant that though of falling down a 100 times, he saw it again doing his work and finally got to climb a height. So, it became a teacher for maharaja shivaji.

If we think deep – knowledge or ‘CHIT’ is the predesposed attribute of Self or ‘Ataman’ (actually just for the sake of language, otherwise Self is without attributes), secondary to existence (SAT). So who teaches whom? In this context, swami vivekananda said, there are nothing to learn or teach, it is the Atman who at times uncovers, the same knowledge known before, as learning. So the teacher is Atman and the student is also. Atman – the Self teaches Atman – the Self, meaning when a objective knowledge, comes to one’s awareness, he or she learns.


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