Shirodhara Complete for Stress Migraine

Shirodhara Complete for Stress Migraine

प्राणाः प्राणभृतां यत्र श्रिताः सर्वेन्द्रियाणि च| यदुत्तमाङ्गमाङ्गानां शिरस्तदभिधीयते||

Being foremost part of the body, #Head – #shirah enjoys to be most vital as a seat of all the sensory organs.

This region being the most complex structure anatomically and physiologically continously fears aggravation of doshas and malas – अर्धावभेदको वा स्यात् सर्वं वा रुज्यते शिरः| प्रतिश्यामुखनासाक्षिकर्णरोगशिरोभ्रमाः||अर्दितं शिरसः कम्पो गलमन्याहनुग्रहः| विविधाश्चापरे रोगा वातादिक्रिमिसम्भवाः||

To protect, relax, revitalize and rejuvenate such a important and heavily functioning organ, in the later years #shirodhara – शिरश्च धारा – to make flow on head, was added. Generally , the flow is made by oil, medicated water, medicated buttermilk, or any #shirodharatherapy

Indication : Stress Management, recent diagnosis with Hypertension (blood pressure) ,Hair loss, Hair fall, Sleep disturbance, Insomnia. 

Dr Urvi Goradia


Herbal trichologist

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