Be Tension Free Lifetime ! by Nasyam

Be Tension Free Lifetime ! by Nasyam

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin, Tongue, are 5 senses with the help of it mind interacts the world. Head is important region where all the five senses are situated with brain. The working of these senses and their interaction with brain, the functioning of memory, the functioning of the intelligence is a very very subtle and complex process. Due to such a condition, the sensory organ are provided with a variety of nerves, blood, lymph vessels – or strotas – so that they get appropriate nutrition and are taken care of.

Now as the whole head area, has so subtle component, vivid anatomy and functioning, the flow of doshas is at a very constant and very higher level. This flow is always mediated by vata dosha

वातपित्तकफा देहे सर्वस्रोतोऽनुसारिणः|| वायुरेव हि सूक्ष्मत्वाद्द्वयोस्तत्राप्युदीरण:….पित्त पंगु कफ पंगु पंगवो मल धातवः। वायुना हि यत्र नियन्ते तत्र गच्छन्ति मेघवत्।।

Again, brain is the actually a seat of vata dosha. स्थानं प्राणस्य मूर्धोरःकण्ठ.… So, head always has a chance to develop a imbalance easily then other organs of the body.

ऊर्ध्वजत्रुविकारेषु विशेषान्नस्यमिष्यते|
नासा हि शिरसो द्वारं तेन तद्व्याप्य हन्ति तान्||

Because of staying in continuous stress, polluted atmosphere, eating dry foods, exposure to different irritants and allergens, today people are suffering, number of diseases of sensory organs and head region.

Nasya is the best treatment for it. To administer a drug through the way of nose is Nasyam. May it be in the dosage for of Powder, Oil, Ghee etc.

There are 5 types of Nasya : नावनं चावपीडश्च ध्मापनं धूम एव च| प्रतिमर्शश्च विज्ञेयं नस्तःकर्म तु पञ्चधा||

Nasya according to dosage form are, navana (unctuous errhines), avapida (expressed errhines), dhmapana (powder errhines), dhuma (smoke inhalation) and pratimarsha (low dose unctuous errhines).

If all lifetime, anyone does pratimarsha nasya regularly then he is protected by all the diseases of head and sensory organ

आजन्ममरणं शस्तः प्रतिमर्शस्तु बस्तिवत्|

तैलमेव च नस्यार्थे नित्याभ्यासेन शस्यते||
शिरसः श्लेष्मधामत्वात्स्नेहाः स्वस्थस्य नेतरे|


Dr Chirag Goradia
MD Ayurveda


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