Ayurveda ! kill the Ravana of Diseases

Ayurveda ! kill the Ravana of Diseases

Happy Vijayadashami 2022

Good wins the evil on this day. At the initiation of life, विघ्नभूता यदारोगाः प्रादुर्भूता शरीरिणाम । And for the discussion of this rishis gathered at the base of Himalayas. And this gave birth to ayurveda. So ayurveda lifestyle is the only way we can kill the 10 headed demon ravana, in present context.

So come to know the best ayurveda lifestyle by Dr Chirag and Dr Urvi Goradia, who themselves have set an example. In the same context, if one wants to treat, then there are many pathies to follow but if one wants to cure then only ayurveda cures. So don’t treat the Ravana of modern lifestyle disorders. win the ravana, ravana of socialism ravana of unending pleasures, ravana of revers eintellect, ravana of lazyness, ravana of routine, ravana of doubt, ravana of continous thinking,ravana of unending passion, ravana of irregularity, ravana of chalta hai with counseling from best ayurveda lifestyle expert in Ahmedabad Dr Chirag Goradia MD Ayurveda Ayurvedic endocrinologist(Vata-piita and vatakapha aliment expert)

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