Lighting Lamps of Rama’s Awareness

Lighting Lamps of Rama’s Awareness

everyday dipawali


When the mind is free, the heart is happy, the body is healthy and life energy bursts into celebration.

Ages ago, in satyuga, Lord rama’s completion of exile was celebrated by lighting up lamps by people of Ayodhya. This lamp, symbolized the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance.

In today’s life, said as kaliyuga, both lord rama and ravana are in us. The simple, common man, the epitome of penance, righteousness, noble behaviour, soft spoken, the good king – Rama and the ten headed demon, the learned one, the symbol of austerity, the one who had all the powers, the wealth (gold township of lanka), who ruled all the nav-graha (controlled his faith) – the evil king – Ravana.

The ten heads of ravana pop out frequently in us are

Kaam (Lust), Mada (Pride), Ahamkara (Ego), Moha (Attachment to possessions), Lobha (Greed), Krodh (Anger), Maatsarya (Envy), Jaddata (Insensitive), Ghrina (Hatred), Bhaya (Fear).

These type of ravana – is given a fierce-full fight by, simple lord rama of awarness in us. He, the lord, awakens in mindfulness. He, the lord, defeats kaam with sayam, Ahankara with Politeness, Moha with detachment, Lobha with Dana, Krodha with peace, Bhaya with strength, ghrina with love.

So, let’s celebrate Deepawali, every day when the lord rama, in us defeats the 10 headed ravana, in all our thought and deeds.

Dr. Chirag Goradia


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