Be Cautious ! it’s Surya Grahana

Be Cautious ! it’s Surya Grahana

Grahan is a term used when anything is partially or completely hidden by an intermediate object.

Today. 25th of October 2022, around approx. From 4:30 pm to 6:40 pm THE MOON would obstruct, the light coming from THE SUN, causing a Grahan or an eclipse.

Srishti, both living and non-living, gets its sustenance from Sun. So in our classical text – THE SHASTRA – THE SUN is not considered as a star but a living deity – a demigod, SURYA NARAYANA. Due to the obstruction of light from the sun, people in earlier days believed 2 different phenomena to occur –

First, the shukshma jiva like microbes, micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, etc would increase. This would result in the contamination of food and air. The immunity of living species including the plants gets affected. This increases in production of different antibodies. This may lead to the altering of normal immune mechanisms, in the stratum.

Second, Moon is a solid rock. Because of this, the magnetic pull exerted by the sun on earth, may differ. This may result in minute differences in earth magnetism. Because of this action large planets like Saturn – Guru Graha, may effect the gravity of earth.

Concerning this, a total fast was observed during these days. Even, Mandir- Temples, as they are places with a concreted form of energy, remain closed. Earthen pots or vessels were discarded. Due to the chance of change in the magnetic field of the earth, no other activities were considered beneficial like traveling, sleeping, etc other than sitting in a place and chanting the name of the deity – NAAM SMARAN- JAPA.

Dr. Chirag GORADIA

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