The Hidden Diwali Of Hinduism!

The Hidden Diwali Of Hinduism!


Life is no more than a knowledge. This knowledge was symbolised in classical text in many ways. A lamp, with hidden meaning symbolises the way of life. It acknowledges how a life journey should be carried in its optimum.

A outer frame (body) of lamp is like the physical body, we have. The more healthier it is, better it would support and have longevity, as a lamp made of brass, steel are more stronger than lamp of mud and glass. So, we should try for a healthy body, try to maintain a healthy routine, try to avoid things that are sure to create a unbalanced and unhealthy body.

The oils or wax or ghee or any other medium are like our inner instruments (antahkarana) like mana, chitta, buddhi. The best the pure, supporting & clear medium would give more, better, easier, quicker brightness. So, try having clean and pure antahkarana. Practice meditation for samdhan (pacification).

The last layer is of cotton and signifies it’s temporary, soft and momentary nature of atman (true self). It is at constant go (burning) which says about Atman as a true awareness of passing of space and time.

This whole as an instrument lightens the nearby space, symbolising that our journey should at least glorify our nearby. May be there isn’t scope to help or make a difference to the society but to the persons whom we know, meet or work with.
This is deepawali. Enjoy a happy and safe deepawali.

Dr Chirag Goradia
MD Ayurveda

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