Month: November 2022

Nov 22, 2022

why Ila’s Ayurveda is not different but unique?

We are not different. Ayurveda for years can even say from the beginning of mankind, has served society. We at Dr. Ila’s Ayurveda have even served 3 generations. We are not different but unique. We have our own Ayurveda protocols, our manufacturing of medication, our formulations, our panchakarma protocols, and our follow-up protocols. These all
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Nov 14, 2022

Diabetes, the disease of blue wonders

#thebluewonder #thekidney #thesugardisease #insulinresistance #prameha #diabetesmellitus #udakvahastrotas #manovahastrotas Yes ! There is blue wonder which works night and day for us, without breaking up for a second! These 2 are the most fighting organ, before we take our journey into deep sweet waters (diabetes). Ayurveda opines in prameha – vrukka (kidneys) are the mula of
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