Diabetes, the disease of blue wonders

Diabetes, the disease of blue wonders

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Yes ! There is blue wonder which works night and day for us, without breaking up for a second!

These 2 are the most fighting organ, before we take our journey into deep sweet waters (diabetes).

Ayurveda opines in prameha – vrukka (kidneys) are the mula of udak vaha srotas and are the most affected organs during Prameha. Diabetic pathology starts with increase in kapha in udakvaha strotas. As the level of ocean waters are affected by the size of moon, disturbance of manovahastrotas by manoanigraha, is responsible for diabetes.

Again persons with vata and kapha prakriti, in general, are less water intakers. So they are likely to harm more on the udak vaha strotas. Even severe pitta aggravation can harm more.

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