रागादिरोगान् सततानुषक्तानशेषकायप्रसृतानशेषान् ||

औत्सुक्यमोहारतिदान् जघान योऽपूर्ववैद्याय नमोस्तुतस्मैः ||

the one, who has completely cleared his confusion about the continous development of roga to all living beings by ragadi, dvesha, and moha, i salute such a person.

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Nadi PArikshan


nadi pariksha, nadi parikshanam, pulse diagonosis

Nadi Parikshan

(Pulse Diagonosis)

diet and lifestyle disorders, irregular lifestyle, sleep schedules, heavy non veg and fast food diseases

Diet and Lifestyle, from those who have lived it. Not only talks.

prakriti, vata, pitta, kapha nature of person

Thorough school of ayurveda thought

all panchkarma under one roof

All panchkarma treatment under one roof vamana, virechan, basti, nasya, raktamokshan

since 1976

since 1976…

practical approach to the concepts of ayurveda, dosha, mala, dushya, dhatu, kavaigunya

Practical Approach to the concepts of ayurveda – dosha, dhatu, mala, dushya, khavaigunya

ayurveda spa treatment, ayurveda panchkarma treatment with disposable, ayurveda cozy spa massage, ayurveda spa shirodhara

Ayurveda medispa Panchkarma Treatments with disposable

Only clinic with complete

Ayurveda Endocrinology

Boost metabolism

शान्तौ म्रियते अग्नौ, चिरं जिव्त्यान्मय….

till the time you fell down and get a cut everything happening inside the body is because of  agni. this agni is responsible for diseases and health.

Motivation & Support

प्राता रत्नं प्रातरित्वा दधाति ।

The early riser achieves good in everything. Long term goal, may mostly need motivation and support,At Dr Ila’s Ayurveda, experts always remain in pateints personal contact to motivate them, towards their health goals.

Personalized programs

शुक्रार्तवस्थैर्जन्मादौ विषेणेव विषक्रिमेः

As from birth formation of every individual is unique, known as prakritti in ayurveda. At Dr Ila’s Ayurveda analysis prakritti and vikritti and then only start the treatment.

Nutritional Expertise

तैश्च तिस्रः प्रकृतयो हीनमध्योत्तमाः पृथक्|

After deceiding the  prakrtti, nutrional expert from Dr Ila’s Ayurveda help you to format a unique prakriti related diet chat

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

Dr. Chirag is one of the best doctors I have been to so far. He is the best in diagnosing the root cause of the problem. He is candid and professional in his communication with the patients..i m coming here since 2016 and its one the best clinic in ayurveda in Ahmedabad.Their team is very disciplined and professional. Regular monitoring by the doctor during the treatment gives me good confidence. My sincere thanks to the doctor for all his help and advice. This is one of the Best Clinic for Ayurveda in ahmdebad . Thank you Dr Chirag and Dr Urvi 🙂
Dr Ila's Ayurveda is a 43 years old authentic Ayurveda and panchkarma clinic. We are associated with it since 12 years. We use their oil and shampoo. It has excellent quality.
Very effective treatment, the best natural and ayurvedic treatment possible. Anyone who is looking to flush out toxins from their bodies should definitely try out virechan, its very healthy for the body and the results are quick and sufficient, my personal experience was quite pleasant and wholesome, will definitely do it again when needed. And would recommend it to all those who face body problems due to the toxicity inside.

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