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Who else in 1976, when India was still just competing and thoughtfully fighting its own existence, and when all people took Ayurveda as just a home based practiced science and so all home had their own made Ayurveda suggestion and combination, did Lt. Dr Ilaben Chandulal Shah think of starting her own practice in the field. Just motivated by manas guru Lt. Dr Joshi, did she dare to start a centre at Bhairav nath chowk, Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

Working hard day and night, referring old literature, highlighting diagnosis, medicinal combination, convincing one rare patient that might come to her doorstep, without being de-motivated, was Lt. Dr Ilaben’s routine. For 3 years, this tough time tested her and then people started coming to her.

In 1979, started our Pushti Co-operation, as a aid to produce 

Today the same little sibling has grown to 3 owned centre, outdoor franchises and own manufacturing unit with her blessings.

Core values that I believe in

Love Nature

to love someone or something as it is – is to love it nature. because the ultimate expression of a being is in its existance. @Dr ila’s Ayurveda we try to practice this core value. 


we believe that nothing can be added or subtracted from existence. the only way, @dr ila’s ayurveda we help our patients is by empowering them with the basic knowledge of not only health but existence. 


This is what have made us stay this long. 43years.

Our dedication. It comes from the penance and blessing of Dr Ila. we proudly say that we have served 2 generations with our experience.


In our consultation we do take care that we give reference of classical text – Shashtra – but always see that is co-related with evidence based practical approach in contemporary period.

“ My mission is to help people develop confidence in their daily food decisions, and guide them to a well-balanced lifestyle with knowledge of Ayurveda ”
Dr Ila C Shah

FROM my healthy CLIENTS

The treatments and medicines provided by Dr Ilas Ayurveda is very effective. Before meeting the doctor I was suffering from obesity, arthritis and some mental issues which led to insomnia as well and when my treatment started within 2 months of time I am feeling much better and happy about myself and I have lost 7 kg of weight and also without any side effects .
I'll recommend everyone suffering from any problem to get consulted by Dr Ilas Ayurveda.
I am myself a doctor... Have undergone weight loss treatment by Dr. Ilas Ayurveda... It is a very effective treatment and I literally lost 5 kgs in 13 days without any side effects or evil effects. Am still losing weight. Sincerely thanking Dr. Ilas Ayurveda.
Dr Bindi
Had lots of knee pain from a ligament tear and varicose veins. One fine day, i felt enough of the pain and had to do something from the roots. Came across Dr. Chirag through a friend. Their approach is holistic in nature. It is helping me reduce weight, has controlled my knee pain and at the same time i am not low on energy. Dr Chirag guides you through food as well. A very patient doctor and will answer all your queries. The staff is also very friendly and comforting.