Basti Treatment

शरीरजानां दोषाणां क्रमेण परमौषधम्|
बस्तिर्विरेको वमनं तथा तैलं घृतं मधु|

The whole body is seat of vata dosha. The growth, development and maintenance of the body is because of vata.

वायु: त्रन्त्रयन्त्र धर:

who is responsible for all the movements on this planet, its air or wind. Even the subtle link between our physical and psychological  existence is Prana (air ) that we breath in and out.

Our rishi’s says that if we want to balance this vata, we must lead it to downwards movement – अनुलोमनेन हि वात परम् औषधं

And for that reason only, Basti and Oil are best suggested treatments for vataj disorder. 

Actually, vata is air moving inside the body and its natural movement is from upward to downwards. But if it stays or circulates at some same region then it would also attract other doshas namely pitta and kapha, and would store them there. This type of storage would lead to avarana of vayu or avarana of other dosha by vayu


Dr Chirag Goradia

MD Ayurveda

practicing panchkarmologist