मेदोमांसातिवृद्धत्वाच्चलस्फिगुदरस्तनः| अयथोपचयोत्साहो नरोऽतिस्थूल उच्यते

The fact is that before our actual BMI crosses 25, we already are obese.

Before 7000years the seers of Ayurveda, knew this fact. When any person breast and/or abdomen start leaning with or without support with continuous lack of enthusiasm, the person is suffering Medovriddhi (Obesity). What a deep insight!!!

Medovriddhi (Obesity) is a disorder which develops because of 2 patho-physiologies. According to acharya Charak, it is Vatta-Piita pradhan vyadhi-disorder. Acharya said that the vitiated doshas because of continuous consumption of different nidana in the form of ahara-vihar (diet and doings) leads to utklesha (fermentation) of Kapha. This vitiated kapha is also known as AMA. It enters rasa (lymph) and gets sthana sansraya (stored) in Meda dhatu, leading to Medo-vriddhi. 

The second, pathology is shown by acharya sushruta, saying its Vata-kapha predominant nature. Acharya says that long standing (genetically modified) Kapha with external or timely perpatuations of nidana – ahara-vihara leads to severe utklesha of tridosha and gets sthana sansraya in Medo-dhatvagni leading to severe medo-dhtvagni mandhya (Hypo-metabolism), making the person gain weight. 

Dr Chirag Goradia 

MD Ayurveda

Consulting Ayurveda Endocrinologist (vata-pitta expert)