शुक्रशोणितस्याभिपच्यमानस्य क्षीरस्येव सन्तानिकाः सप्त त्वचो भवन्ति

As in hot milk, the cream develops the 7layers of skin develop on union of Sukra-Shonita (gamet cells).

Skin is what we like about us, as we appreciate clean environment. There is a very basic instinct with human psyche is to have clean and clear skin. so a 1000 billion dollar skin cosmetic industry, should not surprise you!!! As it normal behaviour pattern, but reserarches show that not only females but males also are very cozy about their skin. 

 According to Ayurveda, skin is the sthana of vata dosha, probably that shows the high neuro-vascular penetration. But as it is, this vata dosha even when its is balanced form, would create a lot of dryness (as the high blowing wind would always dry up the clothes fast) and so the most common symptom in any skin disorder starts with increase of dryness. Dryness, according to contemporary science is a symptom of inflammation. This phenomenon can be understood, by our ancient term as accumulation of vata. 

when the skin is treated by certain cosmetic irritants and/or continuously undergoes changes because of atmospheric changes or any other excessive irritant food like salt, spice, sour then it leads to continuous tingling sensation at the skin level



Dr Chirag Goradia 

MD Ayurveda

Consulting Ayurveda Endocrinologist (vata-pitta expert)f