Time for Your Sharad Detox of Virechan?

शरदे तू विरेचनं

“Ritu” meaning a fix period of time, is much emphasized and linked to, in Ayurveda for general health of individual. It also plays a vital role in development of many health diseases like allergic disorders etc. Ritucharya is a beautiful concept detailed in Ayurveda treatise, dealing with comprehensive management of one’s diet pattern, behavioral and lifestyle modification, in reference to individual health.   

Sharad ritu is a time, in visarga kala (southern solstice) and falls between varsha rutu (rainy season) and Hemant rutu (early winter). These are the months of Ashwin and karthik, with the rasi (zodiac) corresponding to Kanya (virgo) and Tula (libra) and September to November in the Gregorian calendar.

With lush green all around, clear blue skies, mild, pleasant, refreshing weather, the nature in sharat rutu is at its benevolent best. But as this atmosphere, is tama and raja pradhan, it leads to aggravation of pitta and kapha dosha. So, according to ayurveda becomes the breeding house of all diseases.

So, to remain healthy ayurveda treatise uniformly advises that every individual should go through the process of virechana during this period of time, though he may be completely healthy or has chronic diseases.

Why Sharad?

Because during this season, new crops grown all over have flooded the market. Again, pitta accumulation due to new crops and water in our household use would always aggravate pitta in this season. So, to throw away this Pitta from the system, so that it doesn’t lead to a any major disorder.

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