Vamana karma (Medicated Emesis)

ऊर्ध्व मार्गे दोष हरणं इति वमनं 

The microscopic body and macroscopic universe are connected through two major ways – vis – Respiration & Digestion. in both the ways macro molecules are broken down and energy is released. During this process, heat is produced and to neutralize this, kapha is produced in the upper parts of the body for the smooth functioning.

स्निग्धः शीतो गुरुर्मन्दः श्लक्ष्णो मृत्स्नः स्थिरः कफः

As natural seat of this kapha is upper body

ते व्यापिनोऽपि हृन्नाभ्योरधोमध्योर्ध्वसंश्रयाः

it can be released easily from the oral route.

Indication : 

generalized eczema, generalized edema, psoriasis, lichen planus, severe acne vugalris, euthyroid, hypothyroidism, rhuemetism in kapha person, khalitya – baldness in kapha person, chronic kapha nanatamaj roga, chronic shudra kustha like kitibha, kshtira, shittapitta (urticaria /hives)